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High Performance Windows is a company that offers high-quality products and impressive aluminium joinery services. The company is a one-stop-shop for manufacturing and installation of high-quality aluminium products. The team specializes in aluminium doors and windows with a passion and commitment to transform your building into a drier, warmer and more energy efficient house.



High Performance Windows offers a high-quality installation service for commercial and residential projects. They don’t deal with additional sub-contractors so as to ensure that you enjoy quality aluminium joinery and installation from a team of their own. All the staff in this team are employed directly by HPW.

The team is always very careful when handling the homes of their residential clients and uses a high degree of professionalism when dealing with large scale commercial projects. All the staff in their team are Site Safe Accredited and majority are highly experienced enabling them to offer the best services.


The high spec factory is equipped with the most modern computerised machinery. Their manpower is highly skilled and aimed always to produce top quality aluminium joinery. To improve productivity, increase precision and quality of their products, the company has added a computerised CNC machine and a new automated Twin Mitre Saw. The investment in high spec machinery with a focus on six sigma manufacturing principles have resulted in additional efficiency and accuracy during the manufacturing process.

Products and Services Offered at High Performance Windows

VANTAGE Aluminium Joinery

VANTAGE aluminium joinery services for residential doors and windows offers many benefits and a wide range of features to homeowners. The generously sized profiles are strong to ensure suitability in both functional and aesthetic properties. VANTAGE residential doors and windows are available with thermal heart and allow great heights of up to 2.2m.

VANTAGE Residential Thermal Heart

VANTAGE Residential Thermal Heart aluminium doors and windows give you the experience of a healthier, warmer and more comfortable home. You also enjoy the latest in thermal heart technology and the excellent pedigree of the Vantage brand. It retains more heat indoors and less heat during summer.

VANTAGE Metro Series

These bifold windows and doors are suitable for both architectural and residential applications. They are based on a contemporary and unified design approach making it ideal for demanding environments. The Metro Series is in an intermediate position between VANTAGE Architectural Series and Vantage Residential. There are a variety of products that allow great door heights of higher than 2.4m depending on wind exposure and product design.

VANTAGE Metro Series Residential Thermal Heart

These aluminium windows and doors are the best in the improvement of thermal efficiency in your home. They also meet both regulatory and contemporary requirements due to the double glazing combination. The different types of thermally broken doors and windows have an insulator made of nylon material that provides a barrier for reducing the transmission of cold.

VANTAGE Smartwood Traditional Timber Doors and Windows


The VANTAGE Smartwood new technological advancement allows combination of both aluminium and timber materials to offer excellent performance. On the inside, you experience the warm natural glow of wood and the durability of aluminium on the outside.

The range of doors and windows are the best for the bedroom, lounge and all living areas, providing excellent traditional ambience to your home. Among other benefits, they result in the reduction of; heat loss, energy costs and condensation.

VANTAGE APL Architectural Series

These windows and doors are the most ideal for apartments and homes where strength and maximum size are important. APL Architectural Series have modern designed sliding doors made for touch exposures. They reflect contemporary preferences, have square-edged forms, continuous sightliness and flush flame windows.

VANTAGE Commercial Joinery

High Performance Windows offers different kinds of window and door systems suitable for application in commercial properties. The VANTAGE Commercial Joinery is specially designed to meet the high demands of heavy traffic specifications needed for commercial properties.

Vantage Aluminium Entrance Doors

There is a broad range of entrance doors for you to choose from for your new and existing building. They are grouped under five design series; Latitude, Axis, Aqulia, Classic and Plasma. The entrance doors are thermally efficient and very stable because their panels are made from aluminium and won’t swell in damp conditions.

Retro-fitting and Aluminium Insert Windows


The company also offers retro-fitting and aluminium insert windows of the existing aged aluminium windows. These products are suitable for more traditional looking buildings.

They ensure that the style and the character of the building remain, but brings additional functionality and benefits that comes with new double glazed windows. The products enhance the aesthetics of your house in a cheaper and faster way than doing a complete replacement of your windows.

Retro-fitting is a quick option that upgrades your old single glazed aluminium windows and hence allows you to experience the benefits of Double Glazing Windows at a lower cost.

Are you a property owner looking for quality aluminium joinery services? High Performance Windows offers the best products for your new or existing property. Contact them now and take the advantage of their combined experience of more than 300 years.

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